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Re: Disabling atime

Eric Sandeen wrote:
Benjamin Lewis wrote:
Eric Sandeen wrote:

For such a long thread on performance tweaking why are there so few
benchmarks or timing results?


I believe there were some quantitative numbers earlier in the thread,
and I remember someone mentioning a 5% increase.

There was one post of one workload, yes.  And a write-heavy one, at that.

I for one would like to see numbers for

- boot time
- time to gdm-autologged-in firefox-autostartonsession-viewing-local-htmlpage

- number of laptop drive spin-ups per hour
  - i.e. boot like above, then leave system idle for a few hours
  - also try leaving other common apps open when idle, i.e. thunderbird,...

- time for kernel compile
- i.e. same as original test, but with what I commented, i.e. reboot before both tests to ensure accuracy

- time for find / -exec grep "somestring" '{}' ';'

- time for tar copy of rootfs to a different filesystem

- time for reconstruction of f7/f8 media (livecd and traditional) via livecd-tools and pungi (or revisor)

- anything anybody else adds to this list...

- oh, and did I forget to re-emphasize the laptop spin-up test...


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