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Re: Kernel panicking at Ndiswrapper?

On Saturday, August 11, 2007 10:37:14 pm Josh Boyer wrote:
> 1) You didn't say which kernel version

All of them.  So far, the default F7 kernel 2.6.21, the update 2.6.22, and 
PlanetCCRMA's kernels (2.6.22 as well).

> 2) Have you looked at config file differences between the kernels in
> question? (Fedora uses 4K stacks, I dunno what others do).

No I didn't.  However, I've noticed that searching for the error only brings 
up Fedora-based distro questions, so I'm assuming it's something in the 
Fedora kernel.

> 3) Please don't ask on this list about something that is not supported
> by the Fedora kernel at all.  You might have better luck on the Fedora
> forums.

Ndiswrapper is not the problem here.  The problem is clearly coming from the 
Linux kernel itself; messages shows repeated errors being spit out by the 
kernel.  The regular Fedora kernels just freeze.

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