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Re: Blog post about package management (aimed at fedora)

I think we need a way to pass options to pirut that will limit what
packages it shows.

Use case: OpenOffice.org Language packs.

You want to install a new language package for ooo. You click "Install
new language pack" or something. This should launch pirut, but ONLY
show ooo language packs. (probably can be done as there is (or should
be) a naming convention for this type of thing)

The use of Pirut should stay exactly as it is now for this. No need to
give users or programs extra rights apart from launching Pirut as a
new process with the needed options. If the person has admin
priviledges (Pirut will ask for password), the packages can be
installed. If not, then they can't.

Use case 2: Yum plugins.

An option in say Pirut allows extra yum plugins to be downloaded and
installed (kmod handling, presto etc). The person is already using
pirut, so the person will have the authority to carry out the actions.
Click the "Extend Package manager" or similar link, and it will list
all plugin packages for yum (or only list packages with yum in the

Possible? Something I as a simple end user am overlooking? Should I file a RFE?

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