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Re: Kernel panicking at Ndiswrapper?

On Sunday, August 12, 2007 3:15:43 pm Christopher Brown wrote:0
> I use the atrpms.net third party repository for this hardware and have
> never experienced lock-ups, quite the reverse actually. I would also
> recommend using the yum-kmdl plugin to get the kmdl each time the
> fedora kernel is updated. Please do not assume the problem is with the
> Fedora kernel - additional information is always helpful and yes, I
> would suggest taking this to fedoraforums.org rather than this devel
> list.

It's not the kernel specifically; it's some combination of the Fedora kernel 
and Ndiswrapper.  I'm trying the suggestion of turning off the 4K stacks 
(Ndiswrapper mentions that the 4K stacks can affect it).  I know it's the 
combination, because I've gotten it on every Fedora kernel, and on various 
install methods of Ndiswrapper (including the Livna version, DKMS and manual 

And I already made a topic on this at fedoraforum; so far, though, I've gotten 
more responses here than there.

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