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Re: My syslog has stopped working on Fedora 7!!

On 12/08/07, darrell pfeifer <darrellpf gmail com> wrote:
> On 8/12/07, Christopher Brown <snecklifter gmail com> wrote:
> > On 12/08/07, Christopher Stone <chris stone gmail com> wrote:
> > > My syslog has stopped working, here are the last entries from the log:
> > > http://tkmame.retrogames.com/last_messages
> > >
> > > My yum log shows I updated selinux and sysklogd packages that day, but
> > > I tried reverting these packages and even tried booting into the -33
> > > kernel, but no matter what I tried, I cannot get the system logger to
> > > function any more!!!
> > >
> > > Is anyone else having these problems with a fully updated F7 system?
> > > Or have any ideas on what might be going on?
> >
> > You will probably get a better response either on fedoraforums.org or
> > the fedora-test list. This is for development of Fedora and as no
> > other users are reporting similar issues it is safe to say yours is an
> > isolated case. When you do re-post, I would add as much debugging info
> > as you can.
> >
> Oh sure, scare him off. I was listening for a useful answer.

Not very proactive but it just might work ;)

> I've seen this behaviour on my Fedora systems more than once. My first
> reaction was that it was a rootkit of some sort. I was teaching Linux
> class a month ago and one of the students also complained of a similar
> problem on her personal Fedora system. So my experience says it isn't
> an isolated incident.

Not in the great scheme of things but for F8T1 it appears to be.

> Trying to find debugging info is also tough. /var/log/messages doesn't
> report anything. dmesg doesn't show anything either.

I meant debugging info for others to see. Output from a kernel logging
daemon terminal restart would be good. Output from dmesg would be
good. I'm guessing FAILED and nothing respectively. How about trashing
/var/log/messages* and then touch /var/log/messages? Are the systems
running low on disk space due to excessive/verbose logging? Blah,
blah, blah...



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