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Re: How to input CJK fonts to the "leave a message"?

Yuan Yijun さんは書きました:
2007/8/13, Jens Petersen <petersen redhat com>:
I guess the main concern might be if it is acceptable to run SCIM there
or not.  It would probably need either a restricted or hidden SCIM
toolbar so that anyone could not change your SCIM settings, etc, while
the display is locked.

Who should control the settings, GNOME/GConf environment or SCIM
itself? What about chosen another default IM? Should it be enabled
with system default IM or personal one? Should it load the same
settings as the user currently logged in?

I am not sure yet since basically SCIM does not provide that functionality currently. Need to think about it more - one way might be to use some X property on the root window when the screensaver is running to control it perhaps. Though I wonder a bit how much the message feature will really be used by most typical users, so it is a lower priority feature IMHO.


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