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Re: Blog post about package management (aimed at fedora)

On Sun, 2007-08-12 at 16:58 +0100, Naheem Zaffar wrote:
> You want to install a new language package for ooo. You click "Install
> new language pack" or something. This should launch pirut, but ONLY
> show ooo language packs. (probably can be done as there is (or should
> be) a naming convention for this type of thing)

Nah, I think as soon as you select the german spellchecker then oo
should prompt to install the german language pack.

> The use of Pirut should stay exactly as it is now for this. No need to
> give users or programs extra rights apart from launching Pirut as a
> new process with the needed options. If the person has admin
> priviledges (Pirut will ask for password), the packages can be
> installed. If not, then they can't.

That's broken. My girlfriend writes in Polish on my system, I trust her,
yet she isn't an admin. I think it makes perfect sense to allow her to
install the polish dictionaries.


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