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Re: Zope, Plone and Python; Redux

look at how strict the above requirements are. Some things will continue
to need the Plone 2.5.x release which will be maintained until Plone 3.5
is ready. Also, Zope is very useful for more then just Plone and there
are actually four (maybe more) active branches of Zope; 2.9.x 2.10.x
2.11.x and 3.x. 2.9-11 (IMHO) are the most used, but Zope 3 will still
be used by many. This brings us to the point.

I'm not sure I follow all of the issues, but could you just pick one zope+plone combination per Fedora release and run with it, realizing that not everyone will be pleased? The not-pleased still have the option of installing from the tar files, after all.

Right now, F7 has no zope+plone, which is an unhappy situation. Any working combination would be an improvement.

Perhaps Plone 2.5 for F8, and Plone 3.0 for F9 in 6 months, with copious release notes in F9 detailing the transition (similar to when postgres breaks compatibility between Fedora releases).

Just my suggestions...

- Mike

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