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Re: Feature: Fedora Electronic Lab

Josh Boyer said the following on 08/13/2007 06:59 PM Pacific Time:
I suppose that is true.  It can be done either (or both!) way.


I like this approach ! :)

I think if it is a question of calling something a "feature" or not we should err on the side of calling it a feature.   Having too many "new things" (features) to advertise in a next release of Fedora is not a bad problem to have.  When and if that ever becomes a problem, we can tighten the criteria of what a feature is.

In the meantime I think it is counter-productive to discourage feature proposals with comments like, "why are we even discussing this as a feature when it isn't even really a feature?"... which I've observed at some of the recent FESCo meetings.

Now is the time to encourage and praise people for taking the time to put new ideas and improved functionality forward instead of narrowly defining what a feature is or isn't and excluding things that aren't.


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