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Re: Feature: Fedora Electronic Lab

On 8/14/07, Hans de Goede wrote:
> Same here, I can try to fix the segfault to, under pretty much the same
> conditions as Kevin.

Example: A NOR

Schematic created with xcircuit (yum install xcircuit)  - NOR2.ps
Layout created with magic (yum install magic) - NOR.mag

Netgen (from http://chitlesh.fedorapeople.org/netgen/ RPM & SRPM
provided) verifies whether the Schematic and the Layout matches or
not. This procedure is called LVS check (Layout Versus Schematic).

Netgen uses netlists (.sim format) from the schematic and the layout
to do the check.

## From Schematic to sim netlist
xcircuit NOR2.ps  &
Netlist -> Write Sim
This will output a file called : NOR2.sim

## From Layout to Sim netlist
magic NOR.mag
On the tkcon console, type:
This is output a file called NOR.sim

## LVS check with netgen
netgen &
type: lvs NOR2 NOR
This will reproduce the crash.


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