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Re: BuildID and proprietary (graphics) drivers

On 8/19/07, Stewart Adam <s adam diffingo com> wrote:

I know this isn't technically Fedora's problem since binary-only drivers
are on the ForbiddenItems, but I have been trying to get the nVidia and
ATi proprietary to build for the devel/ branch at Livna and there's a
problem with the BuildID.

rpmbuild fails because it can't find the BuildID in various files, but
how can a BuildID be added to a binary-only file? An example is
ATi's /usr/sbin/atieventd, which is a binary executable and there's no
place to run `gcc -shared` on it since it's already compiled.

I think this isn't just a graphic driver specific issue but one for all
binary-only drivers. It's a perfect example of why they should be
avoided, but it's going to be a big problem is _nobody_ can provide
binary drivers for F8 because of missing BuildIDs.

is they a way to just not use a buildid? they are used for debugging and we can't debug binary only stuff anyway.

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