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Re: Will FC6/FE6 merge / move to Koji?

Kevin Kofler wrote:
Dennis Gilmore <dennis <at> ausil.us> writes:
Personally I would like to leave it as is. we still need plague for EPEL so by switching we wont be freeing up resources. currently plague and koji are co-existing on the same builders peacefully.

However, merging F6 would have some benefits:
* maintainer ignorance of Bodhi would no longer cause broken upgrade paths (because everything would have to go through Bodhi or not be updated at all),
* community comaintainers could push updates for FC6 packages too.

        Kevin Kofler

Perhaps more of a Bohdi thing ... but I'd like to have the "testing" branch/push capability everywhere -- including EPEL, so we have consistant "testing" branches everywhere we can use. That being said, FC-6 isn't going to be supported for crazy-long, so that need is probably not that urgent for backporting.

There's a need to test applications in other things than the bleeding edge distro, especially because they are all slightly different platforms.

Otherwise, we have to maintain seperate "testing" repos for our own apps on various distros -- which would be a great thing to have an established and comprehensive hosted build system for :)


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