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Re: PulseAudio is now enabled by default on new Fedora installs

On Thu, 16.08.07 15:56, Ian Burrell (ianburrell gmail com) wrote:

> Remember that there are two different things involved in "use
> PulseAudio".  One is to use PulseAudio as default sound server for
> Gnome, Gstreamer, and KDE replacing esd and arts.  I think everyone
> agrees that this is a good thing.
> The other is to use it for OSS and ALSA.  It sounds like this is where
> there are problems with programs like Flash that use sound hardware
> directly.  Personally, if the software redirection is not going to
> work properly with all programs, then it shouldn't be the default.  If
> using pulseaudio as software mixer for ALSA works better than dmix, it
> can do that job.

If you don't want to use PA for specific programs, please use
pasuspender and PA is out of the way temporarily. It's that simple.


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