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Re: Rebuilds needed for Fedora 8

On Tuesday 21 August 2007, Miroslav Lichvar wrote:

> At least, put .1 before %{?dist}. 

This is not desirable, because doing so will result in the value of %{dist} 
between distributions not compared with each other, but rather the 
random "1", thus sidestepping the whole purpose of %{dist}.

For example, foo-1.0-1.fc7 -> foo-1.0-1.1.fc8 compares "fc7" with "1", whereas 
foo-1.0-1.fc7 -> foo-1.0-1.fc8.1 compares "fc7" with "fc8" as intended.

While this hasn't in practice caused problems in devel, putting the .1 
after %{?dist} does not have this (or any other as far as I know) potential 
issue.  On the other hand, putting it before %{dist} in a non-devel branch 
does cause upgrade path problems or needs for rebuilds for the sole purpose 
of EVR bumps, eg.

Bad:  foo-1.0-1.fc7 < foo-1.0-1.1.fc8 > foo-1.0-1.fc9
Good: foo-1.0-1.fc7 < foo-1.0-1.fc8.1 < foo-1.0-1.fc9


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