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Re: Various License/patent questions

On Tue, 21.08.07 17:51, kwizart (kwizart gmail com) wrote:

> * libopendaap 0.4.0 - http://craz.net/programs/itunes/libopendaap.html
> Previous version seems to uses Apple's mDNS library but that's not the
> case anymore with 0.4.0, maybe there is still a patent issue with it ?!

The mDNS and DNS-SD specs are publicly available, and apparently no
patent has ever been filed.

However, it's very unlikely that you would have much fun with
libopendaap. First of all, Avahi now blocks other processes to bind
to port 5353. Since Avahi is installed by default on Fedora,
libopendaap is thus worthless. 

Also, with every new iTunes release Apple introduces new cyptographic
keys which have first to be recovered before Free Software can be
compatible with the newest incarnation of DAAP. Thus using an age-old
DAAP implementation is not going to be worth anything anyway.


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