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About to fire rebuild of approx 140 packages

Hi All,

I have been preparing to rebuild all my 150 packages for some time now. All my packages have had their license tag and release (+ clog entry) updated in CVS.

My plan is to write a small bash script which will do
export KOJI_FLAGS=--nowait
And then for each of my packages cd to package/devel and do:
make tag build || echo $i >> ../../failed-tag-or-build.log

Since most of my packages have an updated release (and license and clog) this should work for most of them. some have been rebuild recently and will be added to failed-tag-or-build.log (as mkae tga will fail because the tag exists), which I can then inspect to see if they might need a rebuild for some reason after all.

The only problem is this will clutter up the buildsys quite a bit, suggestions / flames anyone? Esp the opinion of rel-eng in this would be appreciated (hence the cc).



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