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Re: About to fire rebuild of approx 140 packages

> Hi All,
> I have been preparing to rebuild all my 150 packages for some time now.
> All my
> packages have had their license tag and release (+ clog entry) updated in
> CVS.
> My plan is to write a small bash script which will do
> export KOJI_FLAGS=--nowait
> And then for each of my packages cd to package/devel and do:
> make tag build || echo $i >> ../../failed-tag-or-build.log
> Since most of my packages have an updated release (and license and clog)
> this
> should work for most of them. some have been rebuild recently and will be
> added
> to failed-tag-or-build.log (as mkae tga will fail because the tag exists),
> which I can then inspect to see if they might need a rebuild for some
> reason
> after all.
> The only problem is this will clutter up the buildsys quite a bit,
> suggestions
> / flames anyone? Esp the opinion of rel-eng in this would be appreciated
> (hence
> the cc).

No worries here, I've already got my 20+ done, save one that's still queued.

I imagine this will simply take time for all of us.  Necessary evil, and
all that.

> Regards,
> Hans
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novus ordo absurdum

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