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Re: source audit

Kevin Fenzi wrote:
> Since folks are checking over their packages for the correct license
> tags and rebuilding for various other reasons, I thought I would add
> another one to the mix. ;) 
> I wrote up a quick and dirty script to check the sources that are in
> the cvs look aside cache against the upstream source of the package as
> pulled from the URI(s) in the Sources line(s). 
> Of course this has a number of limitations: 
> - Only Sources lines with full URI's can be checked. 
> - I'm not currently checking Patches with full URI's, but I can add
> that if there is interest. 
> You can find the results file at: 
> http://www.scrye.com/~kevin/fedora/sourcecheck/sourcecheck.out

or maybe:
http://www.scrye.com/~kevin/fedora/sourcecheck.out   :)

> And also attached to this mail. 
> Lines in the output are of three forms: 
> - BADURL:base-file-name:$PACKAGENAME
> This means that the URI provided in the Source(s) line didn't result in
> a download of the source. This could be any of: URL changed, version
> changed and URL wasn't updated, Site is down, Site is gone, etc. 
> Also there are a number of packages with incorrect sourceforge links. 

What constitutes a good sourceforge link these days?


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