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Re: installing more fonts by default for better international coverage

Hi Qianqian,

Thanks for your mail.

Qianqian Fang さんは書きました:
it is a great news for better font support on Fedora. I am curious if
it is possible to consider wqy-bitmap-fonts as the default desktop font
for Chinese locales? the bitmap glyphs were continuously improved
in the past ~3 years based on the embedded bitmaps in fonts-chinese
and the wqy-bitmapfont was widely used by simplified Chinese users.

I think it is certainly worth considering. One way to get more input on this might be to run a user survey say asking the preferred default fonts for each language.

BTW it so happens that currently we are working to move cjkunifonts and taipei-fonts out of fonts-chinese into separate packages: so now is a good time to start discussing this.

also, WenQuanYi Project plans to release a dual-width bitmap font similar to GNU
Unifont, by merging about 28,000 16x16 new Chinese glyphs
with the latest release of Unifont (the Chinese glyphs in unifont is
neither complete nor optimized). The new font will cover about 46000
unicode code points and serve as a basic multi-lingual support (such
as in installer) and system font fall-back.

Very nice. :)

we just put out a new GPL Chinese font, Zen Hei, for public testing.
This is a Hei Ti style (Gothic in Japanese or Dotum in Korean)
Chinese font, servers for general purpose Chinese display and
printing. Current, it has 20194 Chinese characters (or ~32000 glyphs
if include Hangul) and covers zh_cn/sg/tw/hk/mo locales. The file
is reasonably small including about 100,000 fine-tuned embedded
bitmap glyphs. The beta version can be downloaded at


Ok great, thank you for that too - we would certainly try to take a look at those. Are you planning to package it for Fedora when it is released? :-)


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