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Re: awk missing from buildroot?

On Wednesday 22 August 2007, Jesse Keating wrote:
> Doesn't look like gawk is pulled in via deps from the Exception list
> anymore.

Looks like there may be some randomness here.  I rebuilt 6 vdr-* plugin 
packages recently, every single one of them has a similar Makefile that will 
require awk to function correctly.

Three of six failed to build, the other three succeeded.  The "Completed" time 
of the successful ones is several minutes *later* than the ones that failed, 
and these packages are small and should build very quickly after the build 
root has been set up (should certainly be quicker than "several minutes").

This seems counterintuitive to me - if the series of builds hits a window 
where awk gets removed from the base set in the middle of it, I would expect 
the earlier builds to have succeeded, later failed.  But it's the other way 

I've resubmitted the failed ones as is just to see how it goes on a retry.



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