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Re: Spin license

Jerry James wrote:

The Spin Public license is available here [3].  It specifically allows
for modifications, in a way that seems to me to be reasonable, but I
am neither a lawyer nor an expert on licenses.

[1] http://spinroot.com/
[2] http://spinroot.com/spin/Man/README.html
[3] http://spinroot.com/spin/spin_license.html

IANAL but clause 5 seems to prohibit private modifications by letting the original contributor demand to get all modifications created by other people.

Clause 6.1 has a termination provision for any intellectual property action against the original contributor. The extend of this intellectual property has not been defined. If the original contributor violates the copyright of anyone who is using software under this license, the user has to terminate the use of this software before initiating action. That seems draconian to me.

The bottom red text includes "Non-commercial use is restricted to educational use only" which is a use restriction but it isn't clear whether this is part of the license or not and this seems to be in contradiction with the readme although the license would prevail in this instance.


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