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Re: build/koji/update documentation reorganization?

On Thu, 23 Aug 2007 00:13:06 +0200
pertusus free fr (Patrice Dumas) wrote:

> Hello,
> I have something to add to the update/build/koji doc, but it is not
> easy to do since there are a lot of duplication in the wiki on that
> subject.


> I think that things should be simplified. In my opinion 1. 2. and 3.
> should be merged in a page about builds in Fedora. With a part about
> setting up koji, a part about the web infrastructure, a part
> about koji commands and a last one regarding the make shortcuts,
> including some info from 5.
> Maybe the make shortcuts may be explained before koji commands.
> I also think that 5. should be merged in 4., with links from 5. to 4.
> 4. should point to koji stuff.
> 6. Should be renamed otherwise, and linked from other places with
> a text saying that it is about a procedure for F-6 only.
> I am volunteering to do at least part of the reorganization I
> propose.
> (The info I would like to add is about inheritance in koji and
> make chain-build.)
> Comments?

Sounds great to me. I would say go ahead and do it, and if someone
really doesn't like it, they can always revert it. ;) (It's a wiki
after all). ;) 

> Pat


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