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@FESCO: EPEL Steering Committee's mandate is expiring -- how to move on?

Hi all!

The EPEL Steering Committee's mandate for leading EPEL was time-limited
by FESCo until end of September this year. Well, we are getting closer
to that date now, so we IMHO should start to discuss how to move on.

So if you are a EPEL contributor: what do you want? Do you want to elect
a EPEL Steering Committee? Do you want a bigger or a smaller one? Do you
want to get rid of it?

If you are a member of the new FESCo: What do you guys want? Just extend
the mandate by another six months or maybe a whole year? Or get rid or
EPEL and make it a real project independently running and managed from
FESCo (which it does mostly already)?

/me put EPEL Steering Committee Chair hat aside now and expresses his
own opinions on the questions from above

- I'm fine with having a election of the Steering Committee, but it IMHO
doesn't make much sense -- it's likely that the number of candidates is
much bigger then the seats (just as it was during the FESCo election).

- the size is fine; if people want to get more involved then the EPEL
Steering Committee IMHO should dynamically adjust it's own size and get
more people aboard, if those people want to get involved and are active
on the list and in the meetings

- as much as I'd like to get rid of the Steering Committee -- it or
something like it is needed to coordinate the work, as otherwise chaos
would arise. But we IMHO nevertheless should try to lower the influence
of the EPEL Steering Committee and try to get more work done by people
who want something done, even if they are not in the Steering Committee.

- I think FESCo should extend the mandate by one year. Then we can
discuss again if it makes sense to make EPEL a real project that reports
directly to the Board and not to FESCo.


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