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Re: CAT:Science;Electronics -> Other in gnome menus

> The desktop files for electronic simulation applications point to
> "Education;Science;Engineering".
> In fact this is wrong and should be changed to "Science;Engineering"
> or "Science;Electronics" as stated by
> http://standards.freedesktop.org/menu-spec/latest/apa.html
> Additional Category - Description                        - Related Categories
> Electronics  -  Electronics software, e.g. a circuit designer    - [ ]
> Engineering  -  Engineering software, e.g. CAD programs    - [ ]
>    [Desktop Entry]
>    Categories=Science;Electronics; or  Categories=Science;Engineering;
> Since those packages are not meant for "Education" (but instead Engineering),
> the category "Education" is inappropriate.

If you read the paragraph above the table of additional categories, it

  The table below describes Additional Categories. The Related Categories 
  column lists one or more categories that are suggested to be used in 
  conjunction with the Additional Category. Note that at least one Main 
  Category must be included in the desktop entry's list of categories. 

And Education is listed as related category for Science, so the desktop
file is only trying to be correct here. But I agree that the list of
primary categories is a bit scarce, and I wouldn't be opposed to add
a "Science & Engineering" menu to our menu files. Translations will be
an issue, though.


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