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Re: Exceptions for Java

Le lundi 27 août 2007 à 21:27 -0600, Jerry James a écrit :
> I could write:
>   BuildRequires: eclipse-ecj, libgcj, sinjdoc
> but then /usr/bin/javac, /usr/bin/jar, and /usr/bin/sinjdoc are
> managed by alternatives.  The thing is, I've looked in several F-7
> Java packages, and I don't see any such thing in the BRs, not even BRs
> on /usr/bin/javac, etc.  What's the right thing to do?

Even a small java package is likely to require parts of the java
standard libs, so requiring javac without the java libs is useless.

Java packages typically BR java-devel. Java-devel is a virtual provides
any package that installs a jvm tree (with standard binaries and libs)
on the system can declare

Mid-term a jvm implementation based on the code Sun liberated is likely
to hit the repo.

Nicolas Mailhot

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