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Re: Pirut: Edit -> Repositories mock-up -- Part 3.

Jeremy Katz wrote:
On Tue, 2007-08-28 at 01:25 +0530, Debarshi 'Rishi' Ray wrote:
My initial idea was to input and use the mirror list _only_ if the
mirror list checkbox was chosen and otherwise use the baseurl. However
this does not consider the case where the .repo file looks like:
Okay, this makes some sense.  Although we could just have that handled
under the covers and still let you just select between mirror url and a
baseurl.  But that would get a little weird switching between them I
guess.  I still think you're going to want to allow a radio button
between the two.  Because you can also disable the baseurl (in fact,
that's the default config).  Maybe we just make the baseurl and the
mirror url both handled like the gpg key above.
Disabling the baseurl is a default config for the Fedora repositories,
and may not be so for custom distributed file:// based repositories or
some ad-hoc http:// or ftp:// repository created by a developer or an

If we look at it from a higher level of abstraction what are the most
basic things needed to get a repository working? A repo id, a name and
a baseurl come to mind. 

Fully agreed.  But we're wanting to use the same sort of interface for
editing as adding (because there's lots of win there).  And given
_that_, we don't want to necessarily hide what the defaults are.
Otherwise, I'd be in 100% agreement with you.  Maybe the thing to do is
to go the route you're saying, but just look and auto-expand if a mirror
list or gpg key is set.


Here is my arcii art proposal to the dialog, based on the comments on the list

Name         [ <Repo Tag>                                                                 ]
Description  [ <Name= in .repo file                                                       ]

(*) Baseurl   ( ) Mirrorlist
[file://path/to/local/repo                                                                ]
[http://remote.server.org/path/to/repo                                                    ]
[                                                                                         ]

> Advandced
    [x] GPG Check [<Url to gpg key, gray out if unchecked>                                ]

The dialog can be use for both add & edit of repositories.
I have dumped the idea of a protocol button, it clutters the dialog to much, a so does the file selector buttons, and they
don't make much sense in multi line baseurls, where file:// & http:// can be mixed.

if baseurl is selected the use all the lines in the multi line TextView to create baseurl=, if mirrorlist is selected then just use the first line.
If someone want to use both at the same time (yes, it is posible :-) ), then they have to edit the repo files directly :).


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