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Re: kde4 status?

Adam Tkac <atkac <at> redhat.com> writes:
> I think it would be better switch to KDE4 as soon as it possible (right 
> now) and don't try maintain KDE3 and KDE4 simulateously.

Me too, at least from a developer point of view, but:

The problem is that both the upstream KDE 4.0 Beta and the Fedora packages 
really need work. :-( Beta 2 will be tagged only today (August 29), for now 
Beta 1 is all we have and it's pretty buggy (we definitely don't have the time 
to track SVN snapshots, we don't have nearly enough manpower). As for the 
Fedora packages, on my side, I wasn't able to help much with the packaging 
before I left for vacation because I'm busy working on my diploma thesis 
(heck, even during my vacation, I'm working on it on my laptop). Rex was busy 
with his day job, Than was hospitalized to get his tonsils removed, so this 
means essentially no manpower left.

Now, I guess we _could_ try to rush Beta 2 into Rawhide ASAP (probably post 
test2), but I think Release Engineering would kill us for it (if we want it as 
the default). ;-( And I'm also not sure KDE 4.0 is ready as a default desktop, 
several upstream KDE developers think it isn't. Isn't SuSE shipping mostly KDE 
3 stuff by default with some KDE 4 thrown in as well? Last I checked, that was 
their plan.

Also, we can't completely drop KDE 3, we'd need several compat packages, as 
there's no way all the KDE apps will have KDE 4 versions available for F8!

        Kevin Kofler

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