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Re: IcedTea comps.xml patch

Thomas Fitzsimmons writes:

 > I built the first IcedTea packages into Rawhide today.  Here is a
 > comps.xml patch that would replace GCJ with IcedTea in the Java and
 > Java Development groups, as well as install the plugin by default.
 > I'm posting the patch mainly for discussion purposes.  It will not
 > work for ppc and ppc64 spins since IcedTea is currently only
 > available on x86 and x86_64.  Should we stick with GCJ as the
 > default for Fedora 8 or switch to IcedTea on the platforms on which
 > it is available?

I thought we'd already discussed this.  :-) IcedTea is a new
experimental pre-Java 7 platform.  Java 7 isn't done yet, and even the
specification isn't complete.  And, as we said, IcedTea isn't
available on all Fedora platforms.

Some Java applications won't build with IcedTea.  For example, we had
to make some changes to JBoss (and IIRC Eclipse) to get it to build.

Let's do what we already said we'd do: make IcedTea available for
people to experiment with (and enjoy :-).  It certainly isn't worth
disturbing the rest of the Fedora Java infrastructure.


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