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Re: F8 Features--should they stay or should they go?

On Thu, Aug 30, 2007 at 09:08:41AM +0200, Patrice Dumas wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 29, 2007 at 09:10:27PM -0700, John Poelstra wrote:
> >
> > I would like to discuss the status of our features for F8 at tomorrow's 
> > FESCo meeting.
> > https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/8/FeatureList
> >
> > With Feature Freeze behind us on 2007-08-28 it is time to make some 
> > decisions about what should live on the final approved feature list. The 
> > feature policy is fairly clear about features that should be dropped.
> >
> > see: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/Policy#drop
> >
> > In accordance with this policy it would not be out of line to drop features 
> > without recent updates or completion at 100%.  Some of the more incomplete 
> TeX Live inclusion is marked done at 100% but it is untrue. The packages
> are not approved yet, and in my opinion we should not hurry. Moreover I 
> think that giving time limits to review is bad. A review should be 
> finished when the package is 'perfect' from a packaging point of view, 
> not because of a deadline. In the TeX Live case this is highly visible 
> because this is a complex package, and in my opinion it needs split up 
> which requires a lot of work and other reviews. 

I marked it as completed from 90% now. The primary task of the TeXLive feature
was to replace teTeX functionality so I set it to 100% as soon as it applied.
Maybe it was too optimistic and I might have neglected solving legal problems
which have nothing to do with functionality.


Jindrich Novy <jnovy redhat com>   http://people.redhat.com/jnovy/

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