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Developing Fedora Derivative distro yum "priority" question


First of all i hope this is the right place to ask this.

Imagine that i want to make a Fedora Derivative distro and add in
packages that fedora has only than with other things in it.. for
example k3b but than with ffmpeg support (something i can do because i
don't live in the us but fedora can't because of possible us law
restrictions?) how would i do that in a Fedora Derivative? i mean.. if
i type: "yum -y install k3b" and the version number of the fedora k3b
package is higher/newer than the version in my repository than the one
from fedora is being installed/updated.

Now i could of cause add exclude=k3b in the fedora.repo file but that
exclude list would get quite large with a full distro and yum would
get alot slower but it would prevent fedora files from installing and
allow my files to be installed. or is there some "priority" setting in

With priority i mean this:
fedora.repo has: k3b-5.5.5
mark.repo has k3b-4.4.4 but has the priority over all other .repo
files and this one gets installed. The yum manual doesn't say anything
about this. the closest is --exclude

is something like that available?

I hope that it's clear what i try to ask.
(for now) i don't have the intention to make a distro of my own but
who knows how the future looks ^_^

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