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Re: ubuntu bulletproof x

On Thu, 2007-08-30 at 13:49 +0000, igknighted gmail com wrote:
> I think the main purpose is for people who are using proprietary
> drivers (maily nvidia) and have kernel module breakages.  Also for
> those messing around with other settings manually (trying to get a
> multi-button mouse working, for example).  For those not used to linux
> I can see how this could let them get online in order to get help.
> But I also think it is poorly implemented.  Why not ask the user when
> they update xorg.conf if their previous one worked, and then if they
> want to save it as a fall-back in case the new one fails.  This way
> you don't end up any worse off if it fails.  You'd have to make the
> name of the backup well known enough for those manually editing the
> file to save the backup properly (xorg.conf.bak seems fairly standard
> for this, yes?), but I feel like most users who would need this would
> be using Ubuntu's GUI xorg.conf tool, and that could be built right
> in.

Really if you have to ask the user you've already lost....

The main use this gives is you can let a user try the binary driver, and
if it tanks, you can use the GUI to go back to the open source or vice

Really though a simple ordering like:
1. Users current xorg.conf
2. No x.org conf - default driver
3. Try another driver in list (like fglrx or radeon)
4. Try vesa.
5. lose.

I'm not sure what asking the user in-between really gives you..


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