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Re: changelogs in packages and space use

Matthias Saou wrote:
seth vidal wrote :

1. trim the changelogs at createrepo-runtime - fine - but that only gets
it for the repodata

2. trim repos at rpmbuild time - great - I've suggested it as an option
to rpmbuild on rpm-maint list.
3. trim them out of the pkgs the next time we change a package. Just
prune them down to the last years worth of changelogs - maybe saving the
old changelogs in a file in the cvs repository - or even into an unused
source file in the srpm?

I also like the 2nd option best. Seems like the best balance between
space saved and relevant information kept easily available.
And for older information we still have the original spec file.


Perhaps the end of the auto-trimmed %changelog could have text inserted that points at a URL to the full %changelog.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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