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Re: pam_console help needed: HPLIP permissions

On Thu, 2007-08-30 at 12:09 -0400, David Zeuthen wrote:
> Just generate a fdi file like sane-backends does with the patch that I
> got upstream
> http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/sane-devel/2007-March/018763.html

I can't get this to work.  I tried this file, to test:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<deviceinfo version="0.2">
    <match key="info.bus" string="usb">
      <match key="usb.vendor_id" int="0x03f0">
        <match key="usb.product_id" int="0x3304">
          <append key="info.capabilities"
          <merge key="scanner.access_method"
      <!-- other models follow here -->

as 10-hplip-scanner.fdi, but when I connect the device lshal shows me

udi =
  info.bus = 'usb'  (string)
  info.linux.driver = 'usblp'  (string)
  info.parent =
  info.product = 'USB Interface'  (string)
  info.subsystem = 'usb'  (string)
  info.udi =
  linux.hotplug_type = 2  (0x2)  (int)
  linux.subsystem = 'usb'  (string)
  linux.sysfs_path =
  usb.bus_number = 1  (0x1)  (int)
  usb.can_wake_up = false  (bool)
  usb.configuration_value = 1  (0x1)  (int)
  usb.device_class = 0  (0x0)  (int)
  usb.device_protocol = 0  (0x0)  (int)
  usb.device_revision_bcd = 256  (0x100)  (int)
  usb.device_subclass = 0  (0x0)  (int)
  usb.is_self_powered = true  (bool)
  usb.linux.device_number = 22  (0x16)  (int)
  usb.linux.sysfs_path =
  usb.max_power = 2  (0x2)  (int)
  usb.num_configurations = 1  (0x1)  (int)
  usb.num_interfaces = 1  (0x1)  (int)
  usb.num_ports = 0  (0x0)  (int)
  usb.product = 'USB Interface'  (string)
  usb.product_id = 13060  (0x3304)  (int)
  usb.serial = 'US05XXX00XLG'  (string)
  usb.speed = 12.0 (12) (double)
  usb.speed_bcd = 4608  (0x1200)  (int)
  usb.vendor = 'Hewlett-Packard'  (string)
  usb.vendor_id = 1008  (0x3f0)  (int)
  usb.version = 1.1 (1.1) (double)
  usb.version_bcd = 272  (0x110)  (int)

It's the only device in the lshal output that has usb.product_id ==
0x3304.  'lshal|grep scanner' gives no output.

> For this I'd advise to just use the udev rule you already got; it's not
> interesting in terms of ACL's as they will never vary (since CUPS does
> it's own access control) and we just need them since the hp CUPS backend
> is architected in a way so it needs special permissions [1].
> [...]
> [1] : which I suppose is unnecessary as cups already run as root and
> they could then just drop permissions in the backend process itself
> after having opened the device node

It is much better to get the permissions set correctly on the USB device
node from an SELinux policy point of view.


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