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Re: changelogs in packages and space use

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seth vidal wrote:
> 1. trim the changelogs at createrepo-runtime - fine - but that only gets
> it for the repodata
> 2. trim repos at rpmbuild time - great - I've suggested it as an option
> to rpmbuild on rpm-maint list. 
> 3. trim them out of the pkgs the next time we change a package. Just
> prune them down to the last years worth of changelogs - maybe saving the
> old changelogs in a file in the cvs repository - or even into an unused
> source file in the srpm?
> What're people's thoughts on this?
I dislike all of these options for different reasons.  I would like the
following features in a solution:

1) Automated -- having individual maintainers do it takes up their time
and leads to different treatment of changelogs depending on the maintainer.

2) Consistent -- Ideally, all changelog entries from the newest to the
oldest would get the same treatment.

3) Happens as early in rpm creation as possible -- If it occurs at
createrepo time it only deals with one level of the problem.  Happening
at rpmbuild time handles repodata, rpm header, and rpmdb.  Spec file
time includes the spec and srpm.

A) Bonus feature: tie the cvs and changelog information together -- This
is a separate issue as the cvs changelog goes through an entirely
different set of distribution channels as the rpm changelog.  But it is
a needless duplication.

So far, I like Florian Festi's idea to compress all the rpm headers the
most as it addresses 1, 2, and 3 above but I haven't found anything that
tells what Panu's thoughts on this are.

- -Toshio
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