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Re: Making "upstream" tarballs available

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Colin Walters wrote:
> On 8/31/07, *Toshio Kuratomi* <a badger gmail com
> <mailto:a badger gmail com>> wrote:
>     We can add the  recommendation but we can't eliminate the "SRPM is
>     canonical" language as long as people still want the SRPM to be the
>     canonical location.  To remove the exception, you'll have to talk to
>     the
>     devs involved to see whether they're against moving into hosted.fp.o.
>     If everyone wants to we'd be happy to get rid of the exception :-)
> Makes sense to me to say CVS+lookaside is canonical, not SRPMs.
lookaside makes more logical sense in that the SRPMS are generated from
it.  OTOH, SRPMS are available from http:// whereas you have to know the
 Fedora Cvs song and dance to get access to lookaside.  In either case,
it's less than ideal so I'd much rather have people decide to switch to
hosted than debate whether lookaside or SRPM more accurately describes
how we're doing things now.

- -Toshio
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