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Re: Making "upstream" tarballs available

Toshio Kuratomi wrote:

We can add the  recommendation but we can't eliminate the "SRPM is
canonical" language as long as people still want the SRPM to be the
canonical location.  To remove the exception, you'll have to talk to the
devs involved to see whether they're against moving into hosted.fp.o.

If everyone wants to we'd be happy to get rid of the exception :-)

The next thing would be is to list out the packages which has the packages as the canonical source, contact the developers and ask them if they are willing to move to hosted. We might get valuable input on where hosted is lacking for them and we can finally announce hosted as not being in beta anymore if that is still the status.

IMO, we should avoid having SRPM as canonical source if not entirely get rid of that practice.


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