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Re: changelogs in packages and space use

Bill Nottingham wrote:
seth vidal (skvidal fedoraproject org) said:
on my system 1128 packages installed:
  new changelogs: 2.2M
  old changelogs: 8.6M

That may not seem like much but when we're squinched for space in 700M
on a livecd that 8.6M might be all that's needed.

I'm not sure. Trying to fit on a livecd is always a losing game - software
never gets smaller, the media never gets bigger; all this will save us
is maybe one release cycle of pain.

OTOH that is the great thing about the game. It puts a very clear pressure in place to prevent, or at least slow, bloat.

I'm personally AMAZED that fedora7 runs what I would call "usably well" on a 7? year old laptop I have that has <128M ram (some shared with video). My speculation was that the only reason this happened, was because of the pressure OLPC put on the distro.

Looking forward, don't we want fedora to be usable as an embedded distro? That was a laughable proposition before OLPC, but with 8G microsd flash shipping, and no doubt being 'dirt' cheap in a couple years...

So maybe the above (I'm skeptical, was that 8.6M *squashfs compressed* saved?) only helps for one release cycle. Then for a release cycle or two you have to sacrifice shipping every language in the world on the same cd, and go with regional spins. I can see the 700M form factor lasting quite a while. And I think that the pain of trying to make it last, will have many, perhaps more important, secondary benefits.



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