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Fwd: Fedora Infinity Update

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From: Nicu Buculei <nicu_fedora nicubunu ro>
Date: 31 aug. 2007 15:48
Subject: Re: Fedora Infinity Update
To: "Discussions about the artwork included with Fedora, including
icons,  themes, and wallpapers." <fedora-art-list redhat com>

Mark wrote:
> Well i'm not counting on it to leave for F9..
> And i looked over the c coding of splash.c and it can't be hard to
> patch it to use a image instead.. but a harder thing might be that the
> background needs to fit the screen so you need to check and see if the
> screen is widescreen or not and if it is place the background on that
> belongs with it.

OK, then is out from Art hands and have to be asked on either desktop or
devel it such a patch would be accepted. If the patch is accepted, we
already have the background PNG.

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