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Re: kde-4.0(rc1) hitting rawhide Dec 1-7

Bernardo Innocenti wrote:
>> The challenge will be replacing the current kde3-based
>> desktop with a kde4-based one, while at the same time still providing a
>> kde3 development platform (ie, so one can still build/run kde3
>> applications).
> Projecting the current stability of KDE4 ahead, it seems more
> cautious to leave the two parallel installable for some time.

Its already been said thats probably not workable due to how they'll be
conflicting with each other.  See Rex's earlier reply below.

Anyone who has access to do multiple installs (xen or vmware) may want to do
that for testing however, it'd at least be less painful at first.

Re: notice of rawhide doom: kde4 coming Dec 1-7
Rex Dieter wrote:
> John Summerfield wrote:
>> Will it be possible to install these on F8 alongside the existing KDE,
>> with the ability to choose which at login?
> In short, no.  The kde3 and kde4 desktops (for the most part) are not
> parallel-installable, so it's an either/or thing.
> Having said that, the kde4 development platform (kdelibs4, kdepimlibs,
> kdebase4) is already available for F-7/8 in order build and run kde4-based
> applications.  We are also considering building some parts of kde4, like
> kde4 versions of kdeedu and kdegames, for F-7/8 as well.
> -- Rex

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