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Re: ata and scsi modules in initrd

On 03.12.2007 03:01, Warren Togami wrote:
> dragoran wrote:
>> [..]
>>> I didn't say we should have all modules in the initrd. But having the
>>> most common would IMHO a good thing.
>> +1 for having all pata/sata drivers in the initrd by default.
> Has anyone checked how much larger this would make a typical initrd image?

$ du /lib/modules/{ata,scsi}/  --max-depth\=0
1604    /lib/modules/
4004    /lib/modules/

Not sure if the SCSI drivers (and their firmware) should get included as
well, but it might make sense. At least including the most common ones
makes sense -- the space that was confused by the initrd is free later,
isn't it?

> The experimental bash-branch of mkinitrd has a simple for loop [...]

I didn't look into the bash-branch. The idea sounds nice, but well,
getting a bash prompt if the root-device was not found isn't much of a
help if you don't have the different storage drivers available, because
one of the top reasons why the root device does not get mounted are
missing drivers for the storage controller.


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