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Re: ata and scsi modules in initrd

On Mon, 2007-12-03 at 12:08 -0500, Bill Nottingham wrote:
> David Zeuthen (david fubar dk) said: 
> > [0] : Of course, then there's all the crap with dm, md, iscsi, nfsroot,
> > whatever etc. that isn't really interesting and not really hard either
> > since most of this can also be driven by one-line udev rules.
> Aside from the rest of it, if you've got a one line udev rule that can
> mount a nfs loopback device, I'm all for seeing it. :)

If you think I'm suggesting to use udev like that you're misguieded.
I'm not suggesting to use udev for that; that'd be like using a
screwdriver for nails. Of course, nfsroot just another path in the
initramfs. News at 11.

> (Similarly, unless udev has grown a block device daemon to assemble
> raid/lvm/etc....)

Uhm, no, no daemon is needed; ffs, this is just handling events. Look
e.g. here 


and see [1] for excerpt. 

Seriously, the point of my messages in this subthread is to fix user
space instead of keep pretending the world isn't event driven. The other
distros are doing this already. Fedora not participating in this means
just that.. not participating. Meaning we will have little influence to
fix things once someone realizes that our current course of action was a

Instead, as Fedora, we should be the one leading this effort and rally
all the distros around a common toolset. It's just frakking amazing how
people working for Red Hat, in 2007, still don't understand why it's
important to do their work upstream. Just mind boggling. And, in my
view, also inexcusable.

Not participating also means that doing things like LTSP is just going
to get harder and harder; ask Warren about that



[1] :

  * md activation:
    - We now have a single udev rule for both the real system and the
      initramfs, since doing things differently there will only result in bugs
      and confusion.
    - This rule runs "mdadm --assemble --scan --no-degraded", automatically
      activating any non-degraded device as their components are detected.
    - Drop the mdadm-raid init script, since this does the same thing.
    - Also drop mdadm-startall which uses the mdadm-raid init script, and its
      associated sgml file (thus dropping the build-dep on docbook-to-man)
    - Simplify the configuration, since we always autostart all devices so do
      not need to specify any required root devices, etc.
    - Drop the deprecated mdrun entirely.
    - Since udev autostarts arrays, much of the initramfs script can be

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