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Re: how is pulseaudio supposed to work?

On Tue, Dec 18, 2007 at 11:36:40PM +0100, Denis Leroy wrote:
> Michael E Brown wrote:
> >Your use case is slightly outside of the "out-of-the-box" experience for
> >fedora... There aren't PVR apps or any of the other things you are
> >talking about in the box with fedora as it stands now. SOOOOO... 
> I'm bothered by that comment. Since when is Fedora a "box" ? i thought 
> it was more of a platform to build on (ok, more like: a luxury house 
> around which you can build yourself a nice garden :-) ).
> Here's my use scenario. I have a Zonbu here at home that I use as a 
> "courtesy" system in my living room. That is, when I have visiting 
> friends or relatives, they can use the system to check their email and 
> such. Because the zonbu is so low-power and quiet, it's almost always on 
> and the user logged in. Gdm is configured to autologin a guest user here.
> The zonbu is also connected to my stereo system, which i can hear from 
> my office. So i will often ssh into the zonbu and play an mp3 from the 
> wireless-mounted NFS directory. Now PA means i have to log in as the 
> same guest user, which is not necessarily ideal because of the nfs mount 
> permissions, but certainly workable. Now of course i can just disable PA 
> in this case and be happy. But you were asking for a specific scenario.

Well, to me this certainly is a lot better way to frame the question, as
I can clearly understand your problem.

I can see several potential answers for you, based on the rest of this

1) copy the zonbu's ~guest/.pulse-cookie file to your home dir. (from
Lennart's previous email, I havent tested this.) This looks to me like
the best option.

2) ask your music player to directly use the alsa hw:0 device, and
probably twiddle permissions on the /dev/snd/ files.

3) other... somebody else probably has something I havent thought of.


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