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bug-buddy API

Is there an API interface to bug-buddy that would allow my app to bring
it up and pre-populate it with app-provided information?

I'd like to start writing apps with more checks and tests (asserts,
etc.) and would like an easy way for that information to get home to me
(the developer). It's easy to put in assert()s but most are only useful
for local testing.

Before starting to write a subsystem that would ask the user for
confirmation before emailing me, I'm wondering if bug-buddy could be
coerced to do it. There's something mentioned about gnome_segv (is that
some gnome function that I pass to signal(2)?), but I want bug-buddy to
come up outside of SIGSEGVs. Likely as a call from an exception handler
so I wouldn't have to halt or abort program execution.

The reason I'm thinking of doing things this way is 1) I'm training
myself to write tests first & often and 2) that recent discussion on the
"Fedora 8 Review" thread got me thinking that the only way I can get
users to report bugs (if not actually do search and find tickets) is to
make it easy for them to communicate the information to me.

Richi Plana

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