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Heads up: new sysprof package without binary kernel module

As you surely know, all the (two...) binaries kernel modules we used
to ship were removed from rawhide.
As a result, the sysprof package can't work due to the missing kernel module.

I investigated the possibility of including the needed module in the kernel:


but it seems it's not going to happen (at least, not soon enough...)
so here is my B plan...

I prepared a sysprof update with the following modifications:

1. provide a subpackage with the kernel module sources
2. let this package obsolete kmod-sysprof
3. provide a build procedure for the kernel module
4. patch the main sysprof application to help the user understanding
what is going on

The scratch build for this package is here:

I will greatly appreciate comments, suggestions, test results,
whatever you feel relevant for bringing this in a acceptable state
before F9



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