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Compatability libs. Please sir, can I have some more?

I understand I'll get flamed for suggesting this but..

A "whatprovides python\(abi\)" tells me :

python.x86_64                            2.5-9.fc7
python.x86_64                            2.4.4-1.fc6            updates

Which is what I expect and is all cool. 

But here is an idea.  Often to make the transition easier on people we
(fedora) provides compatibility libraries. This is great. 

Just wondering though, with the dropping of Legacy ( which I will in no
way debate because that's been done to death and explained enough
already ), I was thinking by just throwing a few more compat-libs into
the mix it might help out those who otherwise find an upgrade daunting..

There looks to be these compat-libs shipping now :


Would it be at all feasible to add some more into extras? Perhaps :

python 2.4
others ?

I am not suggesting to keep them maintained with security or other
patches. But to simply offer them once as an unsupported method of
allowing FC upgrades while maintaining some legacy apps to those who
would like it.

Yep I know people who want to run an 'old' software stack should use
another distro but if that is the case why have any compat-libs at all?

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