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[RFC] change packaging around shared libraries, ldconfig

Sent here before -packaging as I'd like comments before finalizing
the draft.


I'd like to propose changing the guidelines regarding shared libraries
as follows:

When a package places a shared library in a standard library path, it
must do the following:

- Package the symlinks for the appropriate soname of the library. If
  the normal installation process of the library does not install these
  symlinks, they can be created by running:
  	/sbin/ldconfig -n -N <path>
- Have the following scriplets in the package:

	%posttrans -p /sbin/ldconfig


ldconfig can be very slow. On a test upgrade of Fedora 7 to the current
updates and updates-testing repository, not running ldconfig on
%post/%postun sped up the upgrade process by 33%. [1] If these symlinks
are properly packaged, there is no need to explicitly call ldconfig.
Calling ldconfig once at the end of the transaction should be enough
to guarantee any necessary cleanup is done.


[1] https://lists.dulug.duke.edu/pipermail/rpm-maint/2007-June/000407.html

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