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Re: [Fedora-i18n-list] Re: naming scheme for fonts packages?

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
A general font like DejaVu does lao, arabic (better support is waiting
on better opentype support pango & qt-side) aboriginal canadian
syllabics, armenian, greek, cyrillic so I don't think the "western only"
qualifier applies.

Ok I don't know how many glyphs dejavu currently supports.
But there is no coverage for CJK for example and CJK fonts are huge.

You just need to get people to work together, doing a
whole unicode block is no harder within an unicode font than within a
specific font (in fact it's easier since you don't have to redo latin
like all the asian fonts do now)

True. I am all for it in principle. Not sure if everyone wants to have truetype fonts each over 30MB in size installed by default. It would certainly stop me having to worry about how we can have good international font coverage installed by default in Fedora. :)

That's the logical next step. It feels like putting kmail and evolution
in the same "MUA" package though. Can't you get by with a "Tibetan
support" comps group instead ? It will work with font packages crossing
langage boundaries, not force users to install every single font for one
langage (and in CJK countries that weights quite a lot), allow you to
follow two separate upstream release schedules, etc.

Those are good points.


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