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Re: Issues with rawhide mptspi module

Dmitry Butskoy wrote:
Denis Leroy wrote:
Is anyone else having issues with the LSI Fusion SPI host driver (mptspi.ko) on rawhide ?

rawhide is running as VMware guest OS. mptspi loads but fails to correctly scan any of the connected disk. I had to change the VM disk from scsi/lsilogic to an ide drive to be able to boot. I'll check with the VMWare folks as well.


Since 2.6.17 :(


I read through those bug reports, but this is not what I'm seeing. In my case, mptspi detects the SCSI host controller, but simply doesn't see any disks attached. I have no problems with the latest FC-6 kernel (2.6.19). It's only the FC-7 kernel.


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