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Re: Installation order of basesystem, filesystem and setup.

pknirsch redhat com (Phil Knirsch) writes:

> basesystem Requires: filesystem setup
> filesystem Requires: setup
> setup Requires: (nothing)
> So the final install order after properly ordering those is:
> setup
> filesystem
> basesystem

I would expect this order:

1. filesystem (there must be something where files can be stored)
2. setup (stuff like /etc/passwd); this should require the package
   which is shipping /etc and perhaps /usr/share/doc
3. basesystem; requires filesystem + setup

There is a problem with 'filesystem' because it ships files owned by
non-root and requires /etc/passwd therefore.

My suggestion:

* split 'filesystem' into:
  - 'filesystem-base' -> owns '/', '/etc' + '/usr/share/doc' (and all
    parents); perhaps some toplevel dirs like /var and /bin too
  - 'filesystem' -> owns the other dirs from current 'filesystem'
* keep 'filesystem-base' dependency-less
* add:
  - to 'basesystem'
    | Requires(pre):    setup, filesystem
    | Requires(postun): setup, filesystem
  - to 'setup'
    | Requires(pre):    filesystem-base
    | Requires(postun): filesystem-base

  - to 'filesystem'
    | Requires(pre):    setup, filesystem-base
    | Requires(postun): setup, filesystem-base

  Perhaps the redundant deps can be removed


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