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Re: checkpoint/restart

--- Neal Becker <ndbecker2 gmail com> wrote:

> One of the features I'd really like to see more widely used in the
> linux
> world is checkpoint/restart.  I want it for long-running simulations,
> although there may be other uses.

If you are willing to live with virtualization, you can launch your
processes under qemu, then use its monitor commands to hibernate the
system to a ram-image file.  If the target system is running from ram
(e.g. a livecd), then it is even fairly trivial to migrate the process
to another heterogeneous host.  I.e. scp the hibernated qemu ram image
to another host (and the livecd iso) and resume there.


> Basic requirement:
> 1) checkpoint a running process and be able to restart on the same
> machine. 
> Restore open files, including mappings of shared memory.
> More advanced:
> 2) Migrate a process to another machine (probably with same
> libraries).
> 3) Handle multiple threads/processes?
> I am pleased to find that blcr
> http://ftg.lbl.gov/CheckpointRestart/CheckpointRestart.shtml
> seems to do just what I need.  It has an srpm and (with minor change)
> builds/runs fine of fc6 x86_64.
> I have been following this area for last several years.  There have
> been
> several starts at other checkpoint projects, but all except blcr seem
> to
> have died.
> I think this is really exciting technology and I'm betting others
> will want
> to see this added to Fedora. 
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